from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.



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every time i'm home, my mother asks if i'd like to go through my old things.

i always say no and now she's taken matters into her own hands.

last week i received four packages in the mail: books like sweet valley high and pat the bunny, birth certificate, summer camp song book, hs diploma, ken doll, and a picture of myself.


get out ... no vote

as i sat down at the computer tonight with every intention of mapping out who i need to vote for tomorrow it suddenly struck me … i’m not registered in georgia. crap.

no worries absentee vote in florida via internet. nope. double crap.

so here we are. midterm elections. even fewer people go to the polls than for a presidential election. but by all accounts, this vote is pivotal to getting some of the republicans out of office. unfortunately, i’ll be one of the bystanders.

so if you happen to be a liberal-minded non-voter in florida or georgia… please go to the polls. at worst, consider it as a way to get out of work for an hour or so.

for a little guidance try:
equality florida
worried the new machines are bunk? mother jones has some ideas: what to take to the polls: id, video camera, audio tape
see where your congressperson stands on issues with hrc’s congressional scorecard
want to make votes that will help protect reproductive rights? check out this guide.
or check emily’s list for strong women candidates.

are you voting tomorrow?


the problem with suspense

there's a problem with network tv shows that use suspense as a tool of engagement - the clock. (guess what i've been doing with my evenings.) suspect is close to being nabbed and all the watcher needs to do is look at the clock to know if this trick is going to do it. 30 minutes into an hour long show ... they'll probably fail and have to think of something else. this isn't an epiphany... we've all been doing it for years. i imagine my parents watching perry mason and watching the clock.

so why do we keep getting engrossed?


getting lost

there’s a good kind of getting lost and a bad kind of getting lost. strolling through a new city on a bright crisp day … taking in the sites and realizing your not quite sure how to get back to where you came from. but running into a friendly stranger or convenient map that guides you. that’s a nice kind of getting lost. driving frantically toward a dinner engagement for which you’re late and finding yourself lost in an unsafe part of town where people are harassing you. that’s a frightening kind of lost.

in the figurative way, people always talk about losing themselves as though it is - by definition - a prolonged wandering without purpose. truly, one can get lost every day. in a moment. and even then there’s a good kind of getting lost and a bad kind of getting lost. lost in contentment, excitement, possibility. lost in questioning, dead ends, inside your head.

lost in settling into a new city. lost in work. lost in trying to find up from down when every other weekend is spent out of town. it’s an odd kind of lost. not bad per se, but it certainly leaves something to be desired.

that’s been me, sort of, but only in the in between times. time at work feels right. time with friends, no matter where, feels right. time in the neighborhood walking my dog feels right.

the in between can get a little iffy. those moments where you want to tie all the loose ends together.

last night i went to yoga for the first time ever. it was like meditation kicked up a notch. it spawned this post. and it definitely felt like a grounding experience.

i think i know why people like oxygen bars. It felt like the movements and breathing performed an air dialysis on my entire body. leaves you feeling a little … high.

how do you get back on course?


my first tire change

my first tire change
my first tire change,
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i can't really say i did it ALL by myself, because well... i had to make two phone calls for pointers. but, lots of hopping on the tire iron, multiple toe cramps, and two seriously black palms later -- tire changed.

the best part -- just as i was tightening the last screw the guy next door heard the telltale noise of a lug nut being (he thought) loosened. being a nice gentleman, he sauntered over to save the day. but as he came around the side of the car he said, ‘oh! you’re done.”

that’s right.


ick doesn't even begin to describe it

some of you may already know about this weekend’s camping adventure. it was quite enjoyable: lots of qt by the fire; more stars than i’ve seen in a decade; a freezing dip at ichetucknee springs; a hike i thought might never end; even some wildlife sightings. and, of course, more good memories. that is, until this morning.

in the midst of my third shower since the camping experience i discovered two ticks attached to my body.

holy gag reflex.

seriously. these bulbous little creatures had their smarmy little heads buried – fortunately nowhere exciting, one behind my knee and one on my hip – in my skin, siphoning out molecules of blood.


after making a phone call to squealingly share my misery and dismay with another human being, i thought i’d composed myself. but it’s early evening now and i’m still plagued with sensory hallucinations of more of those little pricks burrowing into my body.

i. may. never. go. camping. again.


at the ball game

at the ball game
at the ball game,
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a few innings in, amanda (far right with headphones) snickered and said:

"heh... i'm going to put my headphones on. and everyone will think i'm listening to the game. because i'm really into it. but really ... i'm just listening to music."