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tudo bem?

i sit in a cubicle at work, in an area surrounded by several offices. it can get pretty loud, but on this particular tuesday morning, it's dead silent (my pounding head greatly appreciates this) ... until plant caretakers arrive (it seems like they only show up every month, so i have no idea how the plants stay alive, but who am i to judge)

as they wander, some form of the following conversation takes place about five times -- person a -- how are you?/person b -- good, real good. yourself?/person a -- doing great./person b -- glad to hear it.

standards replies, because really, no one cares how you're doing. we're simply compelled to have these silly transactions. it seems the brazilians really have nipped this. the standard greeting 'tudo bem?' is replied to in kind with 'tudo bem'. as far as i can tell, this basically translates to "everything well?" so, rather than the open ended 'how are you?' the question very directly implies the expected answer.

i would like to take this opportunity to amend my answer to the 'how are you" conversation i had this morning:

person a -- how are you?
me -- well, i have a piercing pain throughout my head and i'd really prefer to be in bed right now snuggled up next to my girlfriend with the sheets pulled over my head. but because i don't have much sick time built up i am sitting at my stupid desk in front of my stupid computer, probably smelling like a small brewery, feeling like ass and having nothing to do but read the latest aviation news.

tudo bem?


dancing queens

good food and good music makes for great fun. alicia and cindy coach lindsay's softball team and they invited the girls over for a cook out. the food was excellent. the trivial pursuit game lasted - as most trivial pursuit games do - a tad too long. and then the dancing commenced.

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kayak adventure.04

lindsay's first fish
lindsay's first fish,
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well i'm starting at #4 because well, it's trip #4... saturday lindsay and i went to oleta river state park to do a little kayaking and fishing. good fun was had... this is such a beautiful place to live and there are so many mangrove waterways to explore. we saw lots of crabs, mullet, stingrays, blowfish and lots of other fish. speaking of fish ... linds got her birthday present early. so after a couple of hours kayaking we headed to the pier. it was a successful day - she caught (and released) three fish. now i'm looking forward to our next kayaking trip.


the posting era

my morning routine has come to include perusing a list of blogs. i catch up on what my friends are doing, continue to wonder if i'm really ready to parent reading the OTHER mother and browse through a few other sites i've run across in the past few months.

so today i was delighted to see a new post from Snake in Seattle. commenting on the post turned into creating an account with blogger ... turned into from sunshine and states beyond.

i really, rEaLLy don't know what i'm doing ... so hang on and please be kind.