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in honor of lindsay’s birthday, and her mild celebrity obsession, a list of a few famous people who share today’s birth date.

today …
:actor, robert englund, aka freddie krueger is 56.
:actress-comedian and former madonna-lover, sandra bernhhard is 50.
:comedian, colin quinn is 46.
:doogie howser’s best friend (max casella) is 38.
:sideways star paul giamatti is 38.
:kid rock sidekick, uncle kracker is 31.

and a notable follow up - tomorrow prince will be 47.

lindsay is officially 29. any words of wisdom to share with her about the last year of her 20s?


Anonymous Cindy Shaw said...

Please tell her that your twenties are pretty good, but your thirties are even better. She is at the beginning of a fuller and richer part of her life. The best lies ahead.

6/07/2005 11:29:00 AM


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