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far beyond abortion

the sad truth is that all this talk about abortion being the litmus test for the next supreme court appointment will likely land us a socially conservative judge who is more concerned with homeland security than individual rights. while far-right conservatives are easily and passionately mobilized against abortion, too many left-of-center americans find themselves simply apathetic on the issue - either for fear of being labeled radical feminist or because it’s too easy to straddle the fence and imagine the issue doesn’t affect them.

folks, the buck stops at the supreme court. if the abortion debate turns you off, the potential loss of everything you do value should scare you even more.

"this is one of those moments in american history. no matter what side you're on, everything you've believed in, everything you've cared about, everything you've fought for is at stake. it's such a closely divided court.” - ralph g. neas, president of people for the american way to the new york times

the supreme court is where our final battles have been and will be fought. too many issues are potentially up for grabs:
the right to die with dignity
the right to privacy
the right not to be fired for being gay
the right to be considered a family member when your partner in the hospital
the right to reproductive freedom and to adopt
the separation of church and state

sandra day o'connor was a deciding factor in critical decisions for ten years ... now bush gets to give that power to someone else. our senators have a say in this. if you’ve never done it before, now is the time to speak up about what is important to you.
MoveOn and many other groups make the process very speedy and simple. take two seconds, sign the MoveOn petition and sign up to get their alerts.


Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks for posting this many people (even our peers) seem so unaware of what's at stake right now. This decision could go on of two ways in my opinion...a positive change, or a seriously detrimental one.

7/07/2005 02:12:00 PM


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