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happy reading

i got nothin' today, folks (not even good grammar). but other blogs/sites are chock full of interesting tidbits. here are a few:

:: check out the new ipod flea. thanks, kottke.

:: teenage brashness + investigative reporting = two stung army recruiters. thanks, mediabistro.

:: a headline guaranteed to make you giggle. thanks, lauren at feministe.

:: postsecret has been a regular read, ever since i saw it on squirrelly.

:: my favorite part of maureen dowd’s (author of bushworld and a number of ny times columns criticizing w’s administration) piece honoring her mother:

“One of her big thrills came in 1990 when she went to the White House Christmas party with me and President Bush gave her a kiss. On the way home, she said to me in a steely voice, ‘I don't ever want you to be mean to that man again.’ ”


Blogger Kiker said...

I heart the iPod Flea.

7/26/2005 03:25:00 PM


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