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sugar in my tank

among the loudest opponents of the recently passed cafta (central american free trade agreement) was the u.s. sugar industry, which lobbied for provisions including “a program encouraging the use of sugar to produce ethanol”, essentially a larger subsidy. sugar-based ethanol is also addressed in the senate energy bill.

an interesting alternative fuel … sugar ethanol -ethanol can also be made from grains- powers nearly half of the cars in brazil. the country went full steam ahead to expand ethanol use 30 years ago in an effort to become more self-sufficient and stimulate rural economies. surprise, there’s an added environmental benefit (it emits less greenhouse gas and other pollutants), it’s renewable and it’s cheaper (about $20/gallon vs. $60 for oil). flex-fuel cars (which run on petrol, ethanol or a blend) accounted for 17% of car sales in brazil last year (BBC). finding E85 can be tough, but many automakers either already offer flex-fuel cars or intend to in the near future. according to green car congress, gm is the largest producer of flex fuel vehicles in the us. so why are more of us driving them?


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