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current's currency

al gore's current tv kicked off today still claiming it will "democratize" television by allowing viewers to submit their own video shorts (er, pods). submissions that get the "greenlight" from viewers, along with reports from a core group of hired digital correspondents form the programming. see more at bbc.

the nation did a good overview of the original vision for the channel ... seems it started with a nice 'social change' agenda and ended up with aspirations of rivaling mtv (where the money is) ... i just checked out what's playing next - a series of two to six minutes shorts: the trend of young suicides in japan; an inside look at base jumping; parenthood; and career advice from deepak chopra.

... what would you submit?


Blogger Kiker said...

I would submit my commentary on why coffeemilk does NOT, in fact, stunt one's growth. As a Southern tradition, I think coffeemilk deserves more reverence.

Okay... not really...

I would submit a short on why being Christian and being gay are not mutually exclusive.

8/02/2005 02:27:00 PM


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