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katrina is already wreaking havoc… it has been aLL aNyOnE has talked about at work today. in the span of a few hours the talk has gone from ‘what hurricane?!’ to ‘we’ll probably shut down the office tomorrow and friday.’ someone made the very excellent point that this is the kind of hurricane (ie, cat 1) you throw a hurricane party for. that’s right.

seriously, there is something a little twisted about being excited for gale-force (technically, greater than gale) winds and torrential downpour. the repent better start immediately.

** on a different note, reports on the proposed iraqi constitution provide excellent practice in identifying contradictions and understanding the true place of women in society. whirled view lays it all out for us with a few simple questions about women in iraq and elsewhere (thanks, feministe)


Blogger Amy said...

Did someone say party?

Maybe you can have Repent Rum Shots at the party.

8/24/2005 05:23:00 PM

Blogger Kiker said...

Just make sure that Linds understands that the toast is not "Free Tibet!"

8/25/2005 12:28:00 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

Heh...seriously Bets, ya'll be careful! It does sound like an awfully good excuse for a shindig. Cheers!

And thank you for posting the Whirldview comments on the new consitution. i haven't read the details yet, but i don't have a very good feeling about it, especially knowing the administration's certain antsiness to approve it.

8/25/2005 12:49:00 PM

Blogger betsy said...

free tibet!

8/25/2005 12:53:00 PM


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