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robertson exposes key budget slashing initiative

the us government is reportedly up in arms about its latest leak. calling for the assassination of venezuelan president chaves, christian coalition founder pat robertson, unveiled key elements of a budget overhaul proposal intended to reduce military spending. a new measure could save up to $200 according to robertson, who spoke from the 700 club studios in virginia: “we don't need another $200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator. it's a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.” the televangelist went on to clarify another key attribute of the plan, "it's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war ... and i don't think any oil shipments will stop."'

(fine print: see farce/satire)


Blogger Kiker said...

Thank goodness someone learned how to get rid of those pesky little dictators and save money too!

And if you order now, you get additional oil flow---all at the height of our self inflicted oil crisis!

(I am glad you posted about this... I probably will too, but with a much different spin) ;)

8/23/2005 02:13:00 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

My uncle sent me an email advertising for WWJA bracelets (who would Jesus assassinate?). Very interesting philosophy Mr. Robertson has!

8/23/2005 02:50:00 PM

Blogger Kiker said...

Great! Now I don't have to post at all... That is EXACTLY what I was going to say, Amanda! :)

8/23/2005 04:35:00 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

His comment is something I would expect to read out of The Onion, the great satirical rag that it is. No wonder the religious right are such ardent supporters of Bush. They all seem to want to kill someone.

I guess killing one guy to save millions would be the conservative thing to do. Sparing all the lives of the military and civilians would be the compassionate thing to do.

Now I understand the Compassionate Conservative Perspective!

8/23/2005 04:52:00 PM

Blogger betsy said...

i love that robertson played right into what chavez has been ranting about for months - that the us is conspiring to have him overthrown.

8/23/2005 04:57:00 PM


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