from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.


coffee – water & healthcare – for every one

much attention is paid to globalization when americans are concerned about 'our' jobs shipped overseas, or when the trade agreement of the americas was being debated. but, what about something as simple as watching what we drink. according to oxfam, coffee is second only to petroleum in the list of highest traded commodities. for just a few cents more, coffee drinkers can support fair trade every morning.

that’s right, we can help farmers and their families keep their land, educate their children and access decent healthcare… just by getting the right caffeine fix.


Blogger Miss Kris said...

And, it usually tastes better!

9/14/2005 03:58:00 PM

Blogger Kiker said...

I love my socially conscious best friend. You rock.

And, see, Starbucks isn't all that bad.

9/14/2005 04:14:00 PM

Blogger betsy said...

that's sweet, only i can't claim this one ... my little coldplay crush had a video at the show last night that asked everyone to text oxfam to sign the petition for fair trade.

and kris is right, it does taste better!

9/14/2005 04:19:00 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

my office has the coolest program--we pay monthly ($5/mo or $.25/cup) for all organic, fair trade coffee beans from New Leaf, which we grind ourselves daily in the breakroom for delicious (although sometimes a bit weak) coffee. It helps to work with 'conscious' people. :)

9/14/2005 04:21:00 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

I want to work at Amanda's office!

9/14/2005 04:42:00 PM


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