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is geena campaigning for hillary?

any opinions on whether or not “commander-in-chief" is a not-so-under-the-radar ploy to prepare america for a female president?

here's what some are saying::

"Hillary must have friends at ABC," says Bob Kunst, of, a grassroots effort to "draft" Clinton to be the next president. "This is just too much of a coincidence." (village voice)

... said Less Than Perfect's Sara Rue, summing up the opinions of the mostly Democratic Hollywood crowd. "We all thought of Hillary Clinton when we heard they were making this show. I hope it takes off!" (usa today)

(Series creator Rod Lurie acknowledged he is a partisan Democrat and an unabashed Hillary Clinton proponent, who would love it if his series encourages Americans to think more positively about a woman in the White House. "If Hillary Clinton should get the nomination, we're all taking credit," he told TV critics.) (sun-sentinel)
apparently the right wingers have caught on, too::

James Dobson's Focus on the Family, in its daily alert to supporters, said yesterday that Geena Davis's character name, Mackenzie Allen, "sounds remarkably, poetically like" Hillary Clinton, which apparently is proof that the show is conspiring to help HRC in 2008. (washington monthly)

commander-in-chief debuts tonight.


Blogger Amanda said...

Yes, every time i hear "MacEnzie", i SWEAR someone's actually saying "Hilary." Glad i'm not the only one!

*side note*-for one, i can't wait to see this show! :)

9/27/2005 04:59:00 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

O.k. I was going to comment on the number of syllables blah blah blah, but Amanda's comment is so much better, so much funnier.

9/27/2005 05:02:00 PM


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