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karma juxtaposed

there’s common [western-style] karma –

the new series my name is earl gives a good western view of “karma”: loser strikes lottery gold, then loses it when he gets hit by a car. while laid up in the hospital watching carson daly (nice touch), he realizes that it’s all about karma. that is “fate punishes him for all the rotten things he's ever done in his life; therefore, he then decides to dedicate his life to making amends to all the people he has hurt in his life.”

and then there’s synchronistic karma –

“ is our individual souls that are conditioned by experience, and through that memory of past experience the soul influences our choices and interpretations in life. these tiny kernels or seeds of memory build up in the individual soul over a lifetime, and this combination of memory and imagination based on experience is called karma. karma accumulates in the personal part of the soul … the actions we take can affect this personal soul, and change our karma, for better or worse.” – deepak chopra, the spontaneous fulfillment of desire

just a little something to ponder.


Blogger Amanda said...

FASCINATING...seriously. Karma is very real, but where it's origins lie i have often wondered.

You should post more often! Fun new pictures too, by the way. :)


10/12/2005 04:09:00 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

I like the Deepak Chopra point of view best. It gives you the hope of improving your karma as you move and grow, and that you will get the benefit within a single lifetime.

I agree with Amanda in that you should post more often.

10/13/2005 08:40:00 AM


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