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not just for breakfast anymore

next month, three guys in miami plan to open a café where customers can socialize, watch tv, work online, and … eat cereal. “the idea was brutally simple: a starbucks-style cafe that offers clients a choice of 35 different kinds of breakfast cereal and 60 different toppings for about $3.25 a bowl.” (miami herald)

if they can do it with coffee, why not cereal? get ready for a whole new lexicon a la starbucks: venti half–caff mocha soy latte.

cereal alone – like coffee – does not a successful business make. the trick is the combination comfy atmosphere, nifty toppings, free wireless internet, and close proximity to a university. oddly enough … places like this already exist, including cereality in chicago, phili and tempe.

would you like gummy bears or m&ms with your frosted flakes?


Blogger Amanda said...

i HEARD about this place, and totally want to go!! i heard the employees wear pjs fun. If i ever quit working for the man, i'm sending in an application. :)

10/13/2005 04:48:00 PM


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