from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.


oh. dear.

the type of mildly uncomfortable conversation that makes one replay events - searching for potentially damaging tidbits...

co-worker (at table with several others): so... do you know you have a twin who throws a pretty mean football?
me: is that so?
cw: yep. she even took a dive in the sand.
me: and where did you see this person?
cw: ft. lauderdale beach
me: on sunday?
cw: yep

long. pause.

cw: so, what do you think about having a twin?
me: well, i'm not entirely convinced it was a twin. but i hesitate to let on, because i don't know what else you saw
cw: well, let's just leave it at that then.


Blogger Kiker said...

Ha! You didn't lose your top in the process did you?

11/15/2005 03:11:00 PM

Blogger Dirty Pop said...

i think that's creepy.

11/15/2005 03:26:00 PM

Anonymous ilisa said...

Yeah, what's up with this person NOT coming over to say hello? Sounds like it was a good time though -- sorry I missed it! LOL

11/15/2005 06:25:00 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

Ooooh, that IS scary! How close are you to said-co-worker?

11/16/2005 09:52:00 AM

Blogger betsy said...

we aren't close but she's one of the usual lunch crew. at a recent happy hour she met a couple of my friends. one told her whe met me when i was a pole dancer.

and. the. hits. keep. comin'.

11/16/2005 10:03:00 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

O.k., I was all enthralled with the idea of watching you throw a football, but now a pole dancer too??? What other tell tale secrets are you holding?

11/16/2005 08:03:00 PM


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