from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.


that said ...

coming back from lunch we watched a van cross three crowded lanes of traffic to make a left turn. we all commented that it was a rather deft move when someone in the car said, “yea, look at that. he went across three lanes without a turn signal… how are we supposed to establish world peace if we don’t even know which direction our neighbor is going?”

as a little addendum to yesterday’s post – a few good ways to pass some time:

halloween in honky tonk? via kottke, a thriller re-creation.

on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you haven’t heard the latest radio expedition on npr, this series is worth a read. it explores vrindavan, an ancient city people of hindu faith believe to be heaven on earth. i want to go.

some interesting thoughts on scotus nominee alito from feministe.

and browsing through random flickr pics is always fun.


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