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don’t ring my bell

it’s that time of year again… those people are out with their little red buckets and their little gold bells and that *ding*ding* that beckons for your pocket change every time you enter and exit a store. one has to admit, it gets exhausting. (i wonder if the rings are still in their ears as they drift off to sleep at night.)

for some reason i felt good about buying a christmas tree from a local presbyterian church (particularly after a $70 tree was magically reduced to $40). but, i simply can’t bring myself to give to the salvation army (sa) . heavily involved in w’s push to fund faith-based organizations, sa became a poster child for discrimination based on sexual orientation when it revoked proposed domestic partnership benefits.

target has opted against allowing the bell ringers outside of their stores. as an alternative, the corporation allows customers to purchase sa ‘wishlist’ items online. sounds like a nice compromise. but for the second year in a row, christian organizations are organizing boycotts. “christian activists believe target made the move to appease the homosexual community. the retailer is a contributor to homosexual causes, and [sa] has traditionally opposed the "gay" agenda.”

while it’s difficult to consider every purchase a political statement, I would argue that our money is our most powerful endorsement tool. it speaks louder than letters to the editor and effectively sustains, kills or creates our society’s mores and expectations.

“salvation army leaders have insisted that, as a church, they have a right to let their traditional christian doctrines on sexuality and marriage shape some employees policies and benefits.” that is absolutely true (despite the fact they receive federal funds). and i have the right not to support them. why pass my money on to an organization who will use it to proselytize against homosexuals?

nonetheless, tis the season to give. not just wrapped presents to loved ones, but to those in need through organizations like amnesty international and oxfam.


Blogger Miss Kris said...

I'm a Goodwill girl myself. Thanks for providing those links! It helped me decide who to give a donation to on behalf of my parents for their holiday present this year :D

12/06/2005 06:03:00 PM


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