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enchanting paraty

arriving in paraty (brazil) in january with no hotel room is like trying at the last minute to find a room in key west during women’s week. so i took the first pousada i could find. it was enchanting. maybe 20 rooms. old-style keys like the ones from my grandmother’s 100+ year-old-home. and probably the farthest from the center of town, but even then it was just a short walk to the cobblestone shopping and artist district. i wandered the streets for hours watching people, looking at the beautiful architecture and many artist’s studios and shops. i had lunch along the river and watched a group of boys cooling off by jumping into the water from the bridge. the hardest part of traveling alone in brazil (aside from the language barrier) is eating. though the food is more than affordable, many dishes are served in family portions. so i ended up leaving a lot of food on the table. typical wasteful american.

small tables on the cobblestone streets started to fill up around 6pm as people returned from the beach for cocktails and dinner. while eating dinner i met wado, who was sitting outside with his friends one store over playing the guitar. i joined them for a couple of beers and found his english almost as impressive as the fact that he’d taught himself via the internet. and all the songs he played were american – from pink floyd to coldplay. as i walked back to my room the streets were packed with vendors and artists and people enjoying their saturday night.


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Ooooh, I am so jealous. But VERY happy for you to have had the experience. It's like a little vacation in the middle of a work trip.

Beautiful pictures.

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