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reality break

i barely looked at the news while on the big boat in the caribbean. and as i watched the super bowl open sunday night, my eyes welled up at the news of corretta scott king's passing. the comedians on the boat let us know alito was confirmed. but there's simply no joke to be made about losing one of the great hearts of our world. following her husband’s legacy, king continued to be a civil rights leader – working not only against racial bias, but also speaking for gay rights.

i wonder: who will the history books list as the great u.s. civil rights leaders of the 90s and start the 21st century?


Blogger Kiker said...

Excellent question. Althought it makes me feel devoid of hope. I know there are people out there TRYING to lead the way....

Come on, someone come up with a name.... Just one?

2/08/2006 04:07:00 PM


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