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the good body

this week, i had the honor of seeing, for the third time, eve ensler perform. she is a phenomenal actor and admirable activist.

ensler's newer work, the good body, is a poignant monologue that explores women’s views of their own bodies. like the vagina monologues, the good body is a collage of stories from women from around the globe, whom ensler has interviewed.

in one conversation, ensler is in afghanistan where a woman invites her for an ice cream outing. this simple pleasure, under taliban rule, is a criminal act. and, they find themselves in the back of a building, shrouded by a curtain, defiantly indulging.

in america, women hide eating for fear of being labeled fat. or for being judged for eating ‘something we shouldn’t’. in afghanistan, women hide eating ice cream for fear of physical punishment or even death.

there aren’t many dates left in this tour. if the good body is near you, go see it. and, if you haven't seen the vagina monologues ... or rent it.


Blogger Amanda said...

Wow--i wish i had known so we could've chatted about it this weekend. i bought the book for my mother for Christmas, and read most of it before (shhh, don't tell her). That would be amazing to see her deliver the monologues.

4/03/2006 12:32:00 PM


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