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this presents an interesting dilemma

the latest proof we vote with our dollars: wal-mart’s move to stock “greener” items in their store “from organic cotton baby clothes to ocean fish caught in ways that don't harm the environment” is a huge windfall for organic and environmentally friendly companies.

wal-mart, like no other company, has buying power that changes the business practices of its suppliers. “[a consultant] said Wal-Mart could bring the same pressure it has exerted over the years on prices and apply that to pushing manufacturers and competitors to adopt more sustainable business practices and larger organic offerings.” when it comes to things like forcing their fish suppliers to maintain sustainable practices, this new policy could have substantial, positive impact.

of course, the skeptic in me says wal-mart also has the buying and lobbying power to alter truly green practices into a meager facade of what were originally. and buying organic doesn’t change accusations of the company’s mistreatment of women, the ways it rips up small town economies and other transgressions.


Blogger manbags said...

and they still don't pay a living wage or offer affordable healthcare
(see your state's federal assistance rolls for evidence)

3/28/2006 11:19:00 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

i heard something like 30% of their workforce is on welfare.

What's even more scary is that i heard an NPR piece the other day on a Walmart Dating Service night that is held at the stores in Germany. They had wine there, but still...scary.

There is already such a problem with determining if products truly are organic or environmentally makes sense that Walmart would pick up on that.

3/30/2006 02:10:00 PM


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