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gas rage? are they serious?

apparently a lot of drivers are making gas station attendants the focal point of their anger over high gas prices. people are filling up and not paying, and yelling at the cashiers. talk about misdirected. but i guess it’s easier to yell at the guy behind the counter than it is to, i don’t know say -- buy a more efficient car. ride a bike. ask the president and our congressional representatives to stop throwing around phrases like ‘addicted to oil’ and start putting real money into alternative energy development.


Blogger Jean said...

They are serious. I have now seen twice where middle aged people drive off from the pumps at our local Racetrac Gas Station. I thought stealing gas used to just be for the teenagers whose parenst wouldn't give them gas money. If people would just plan out their days and not do a bunch of useless driving then they wouldn't need to worry so much about how much gas they use. And if they stop driving automobiles that get 9-12 miles to the gallon. But people just don't care, and our president is never going to help the state of things!

6/01/2006 10:25:00 AM


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