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patience and virtue

in my teen years, i’d tease my father that i was going to name my first-born child patience, as a constant reminder to him that patience is a virtue. perhaps not surprising, in his retirement years he’s developed greater time-related serenity. should i ever have a child, i suppose this will be to her/his benefit – a name like that would just be pure torture.

i, on the other hand, now often wonder if patience isn’t only useful when one is waiting for water to boil. maybe it’s less virtuous and more a useless way of prolonging well-deserved action or even simple satisfaction. waiting …

::my boss left the company months ago. since that time i’ve been patiently doing his job – and mine – (and awaiting a decision on possible promotion) without the authority/compensation to match the responsibility/pressure.

::at the end of the day, when there is but a single ounce of energy to give, it rarely goes to the perfectly diligent. rather, the final tasks tend to be the ones that will get the annoying guy to stop calling ten times a day. the annoying guy gets his stuff done, because waiting patiently for someone to return an email/call only causes one to miss a deadline.

what’s your take? and does the same apply on a personal level?


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