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a silver lining?

with even a glimpse of this weekend’s news, it seems protests abound -

: hundreds of thousands gathered in nyc to voice opposition to the war in iraq. tom engelhardt’s mother jones commentary provides a good report on the motley group who attended this demonstration – from grandmothers to radical cheerleaders
: throngs gathered on the mall in dc calling for action to end the genocide in darfur
:immigrants are called to boycott the economic machine to show their force in our country and promote legalization

thinking back on demonstrations i attended in the past, i have mixed emotions. on one hand there, is great pride that comes with being part of a gathering calling for positive action and a hope from someone powerful – even if that means a greater number of americans – to take notice and take action. on the other hand, (please excuse the blasphemy) low media exposure and a common sea of faces sometimes made the gatherings feel more like well-intentioned (but essentially useless) street parties.

but even as an armchair cheerleader for the current wave of demonstrations, i’m confronted with a new hope that people are actually starting to take notice of growing injustices. these protests are receiving better media exposure and seem to be getting notice – and some participation – from politicians.

is it too much to hope for that, despite the destruction caused by the current administration, there may be a silver lining in the form of greater public interest and action?


Blogger Cindy said...

I have a similar skepticism about the success of various demonstrations. Unfortunately, I think we would have to protest endlessly like the French students did in order to gain any ground.

5/01/2006 11:06:00 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

i think i love you. Well, i know i love you, but sometimes i really, really love you. :)
i couldn't agree more. Called T in Wyoming this morning and told her today would be the real "Day Without a Mexican"--if you haven't seen the movie i highly recommend it--she doesn't get quite the level of news we do here.

5/01/2006 01:16:00 PM


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