from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.


um ...

one of the kitchen cabinets here smells like weed. seriously. i keep sticking my nose in there thinking -- surely i'm wrong. but no, it really does smell like weed.

anyone know how to get rid of it?

happy friday.


killing a killer

it seems like just yesterday that the authorities captured the railroad killer. he is connected with at least 15 murders; tonight he was the one murdered - by the government.

okay, so i’m a bit of a moderate with a liberal slant. there are so many problems with the judicial system that it’s often difficult to know if the right person has been incarcerated – or if incarceration is really a good answer -- much less if the right person is being sentenced to death – or if a death penalty is even something we should be so righteous to impose.

it’s cases like these that offer support for a penal system that includes a death penalty. at the same time, it just seems so barbaric.

anyone feeling up to chiming in on the issue?


beware of bird

for whatever reason, i was raised with a sort of reverence for mockingbirds – perhaps it was the book. we always took note when the ‘family bird’ returned to the yard each year. the parents always taught me that mockingbirds fiercely protect their territory. i always thought it was just a tale…

atticus may have said that mockingbirds do nothing but 'sing their heart out for us,' but it is in fact true that they are valiant protectors of their space. the pup and i took a couple of long walks around the neighborhood this weekend. both times, we found ourselves at an intersection that was clearly marked territory for a local mockingbird. on two separate occasions, at the same intersection, the resident mockingbird swoop toward us repeatedly. i had to waive my arms wildly to shoo her away. fortunately, she must not have felt too threatened, because she backed off without actually planting her beak in my head.



oh to be connected…

i arrived to my new home sunday evening. my things do not arrive until tomorrow. sleeping on a blow up mattress and having only a beach chair for sitting hasn’t really been so bad. oh but no access to blogger, flickr, yahoo email … that was tough. sad isn’t it?

you know, media is my business so i’ve always paid some modicum of attention to the doings of the press. most reporters i know are intelligent, ethical folks. nonetheless, i find the news we get – in broad terms – is disappointing. this week offered a great take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt lesson.

we worked with a major newspaper on a story this week. for the most part it was great, and we were thrilled with the results. but there were a couple of minor details that weren’t entirely correct. well, the story spread through smaller outlets like wildfire – 99% of the additional stories were written purely from the original article, without ever contacting a first hand source, and most of them focused right in on the details that weren’t entirely contextually correct.

where do you find news you trust?


there are no palm trees in atlanta

ghetto fabulous
ghetto fabulous,
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but there are fireflies. and this makes me very happy.

i signed a lease today. this, too, offers a little more comfort.


long good-byes

someone asked why my posts have been so sparse… with the move, i’m too busy to research and put together a remotely intelligent statement on anything. i’ve sat down several times to write, only to realize that the only things i have to say are far more personal than sunshine generally is.

i’ve spent the past couple of weeks in a good-bye haze – gathering my belongings and preparing to move them to a new town; squeezing in as much time as i can with those i will no longer see regularly. there are people i simply can’t get enough of – even when we see each other every day. there are those i haven’t seen at all, or not nearly enough. and some who feel more like friends now, than before i said i was leaving. we’ve had the kind of moments that only come about under the pressure of needing to say things now, before the distance sets in. those last grasps at history in hopes of solidifying a future.

tomorrow, i fly to georgia to find a place to live. start a new job at the end of the week. return to fla to be with the movers while they load my things. and head off to my new home on sunday.


talking to strangers

sometimes we go out into the world and don’t speak to anyone we don’t already know. other times we end up learning a stranger’s life story.

last night was one of those “other” nights. while out with a few friends, a guy gave us a tour of the tattoos covering his back and shoulders. they told the story of how he lost his wife, mother and daughter in an instant, when he and his family were hit by a drunk driver. the driver was his neighbor.

how’s that for a heavy night at the bar?

as if that weren’t enough, he and i started talking and like an unsolicited palm reader, this stranger told me who i am and what i’m about … with (mostly) uncanny accuracy. he said some things i thought only i knew about myself, and other things not even my closest friends verbalize. after what seemed like an eternity, i finally had to find an excuse to break away from this very intense conversation. at the time, i was floored.

clearly, being floored was beer induced. when i woke this morning my first thought was: wtf?! where does this guy get off thinking he knows me and having the unabated audacity to read me my life.

in the end, he happened to catch me at a very emotional stage in my journey. the fact of the matter is, the guy was interesting and made me think – about his loss, about love, and about life in general. i guess that’s not such a terrible experience with a perfect stranger.

what’s your best meeting a stranger story?