from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.


baby steps

today the president held a ceremony to sign new pension legislation into law. many of us are too young to have paid attention to this bill – which literally, barely made it under the wire for passage this session. for the most part, my generation either isn’t thinking yet about retirement or already knows that a corporate-funded pension is a right of generations past. media concentrated heavily on portions of the bill that will enable hurting industries to pay out earned benefits to thousands who have counted on and earned pensions.

hrc applauds a couple of details in the bill that are important to the queer community, rights previously reserved for legal spouses and dependents:

if the plan holder dies, the new law allows non-spouse benefactors to transfer retirement benefits rather than having to immediately cash out and face daunting tax penalties; and

if a non-spouse beneficiary has certain medical or financial emergencies, the plan holder may draw on retirement funds for help.

may not seem like much to some. but every little bit helps.


one angry apple

extraordinary manching
extraordinary manching,
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fiona apple played chastain park (atl) recently and it was like nothing i’ve ever experienced.

listening to one of her cds it’s impossible not to notice the angst. but her sweet voice can lull an unwitting listener into thinking there is calm under the wave.

the performance at chastain was a different feel altogether. singing these songs live, it is as though apple is lyrically experiencing the pain that went into them all over again. her voice is raw but beautiful. she moves from crooning to guttural tones that feel like an auditory outpouring of wounds that are still openly gushing: her arms flail. she crouches. she muses. she screams.

do the stage performance bring all of the emotion back to the surface? or is she simply as much actress as songstress?


hello? is there anybody out there?

it’s been far too long since i’ve posted on sunshine. truth is, i’ve been virtually consumed by work. days are long, but they fly by. no more time to post from work. (this is actually a blessing, because boredom just plain sucks.) and at night the couch is much more alluring than another computer screen.

but as i check my personal email, there are too many work-related messages. not enough fun stuff. emails from friends make me smile, yet i’ve not found the energy to respond in any meaningful way. sunshine on flickr is nearly deserted, too.

so much is happening with all the women i used to read regularly…
::looks like cali is moving
::bri and wes are pregnant
::an accident of hope has a lovely new look (how’s that for dating my absence?)
::michelle is about launch into her 30th year
::cindy is still dishing it up
::one of my most favorite people in the world is about to get married
::and charlie has had a birthday

fortunately – weekends are generally full of good times. atlanta has always been a good place for folks to visit. thanks to my last visitors, the bike now sports some new slicks.

oddly enough, late last week i tried logging on to say hello to a few folks and maybe even post… but some temporary technical issues prevented it.

maybe blogger was just being a little passive aggressive.

needless to say, sunshine has missed you all. how are things out there?