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one angry apple

extraordinary manching
extraordinary manching,
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fiona apple played chastain park (atl) recently and it was like nothing i’ve ever experienced.

listening to one of her cds it’s impossible not to notice the angst. but her sweet voice can lull an unwitting listener into thinking there is calm under the wave.

the performance at chastain was a different feel altogether. singing these songs live, it is as though apple is lyrically experiencing the pain that went into them all over again. her voice is raw but beautiful. she moves from crooning to guttural tones that feel like an auditory outpouring of wounds that are still openly gushing: her arms flail. she crouches. she muses. she screams.

do the stage performance bring all of the emotion back to the surface? or is she simply as much actress as songstress?


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What I meant to say was, I love your verbage!! So eloquent........

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