from my state – literally and figuratively – and other places. i'm not in florida any more, but i haven't given up the sunshine.


my first tire change

my first tire change
my first tire change,
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i can't really say i did it ALL by myself, because well... i had to make two phone calls for pointers. but, lots of hopping on the tire iron, multiple toe cramps, and two seriously black palms later -- tire changed.

the best part -- just as i was tightening the last screw the guy next door heard the telltale noise of a lug nut being (he thought) loosened. being a nice gentleman, he sauntered over to save the day. but as he came around the side of the car he said, ‘oh! you’re done.”

that’s right.


ick doesn't even begin to describe it

some of you may already know about this weekend’s camping adventure. it was quite enjoyable: lots of qt by the fire; more stars than i’ve seen in a decade; a freezing dip at ichetucknee springs; a hike i thought might never end; even some wildlife sightings. and, of course, more good memories. that is, until this morning.

in the midst of my third shower since the camping experience i discovered two ticks attached to my body.

holy gag reflex.

seriously. these bulbous little creatures had their smarmy little heads buried – fortunately nowhere exciting, one behind my knee and one on my hip – in my skin, siphoning out molecules of blood.


after making a phone call to squealingly share my misery and dismay with another human being, i thought i’d composed myself. but it’s early evening now and i’m still plagued with sensory hallucinations of more of those little pricks burrowing into my body.

i. may. never. go. camping. again.


at the ball game

at the ball game
at the ball game,
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a few innings in, amanda (far right with headphones) snickered and said:

"heh... i'm going to put my headphones on. and everyone will think i'm listening to the game. because i'm really into it. but really ... i'm just listening to music."